About Us

Albany Curling Club

Curling in Albany, NY dates back to the year 1866.  According to records and historical pictures, a curling club played on the frozen lake at Albany's Washington Park until it disbanded in 1902. The current Albany Curling Club was established in 1955. The club is conveniently located, within 5 minutes of major highways. We are a two sheet club with approximately 140 members.

We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting the sport of curling: a game of skill, strategy and good sportsmanship for people of all ages.  We have men's, women's or mixed leagues every evening (except Saturday). The club also runs an adult daytime league, and a Little Rockers program for children and Junior curling for teenagers on Sundays.  Our club members are encouraged to participate in tournaments, or bonspiels, taking place at other clubs.  We in turn also host interclub bonspiels, as well as inhouse competitions limited to our members only.

We pride our club on its warm friendly atmosphere. We invite anyone who would like to see our club, or even try curling, to contact us to arrange a visit.  We hold an open house for the general public twice a year: at the start of the curling season in October, and midway through the season in January.

We are affiliated with the Grand National Curling Club of America (GNCC), a confederation of 36 curling clubs in the northeastern United States, and the United States Curling Association (USCA), the national coordinating organization, and the United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA). These groups sponsor competitions at the regional, national, international and Olympic levels.



Do you have a business?  Do you want to be a sponsor?  We are looking for those who are interested in sponsoring our club.  For your sponsorship you can get a sign in the ice shed and/or be published in our directory.  We are offering sponsorships of all different sizes.  Click Here for the registration form.  To be published in our directory of over 150 people, we will need your form returned by Friday, November 26th.

ACC has received 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. We now can accept tax free donations! We are currently looking for sponsors for our leagues, bonspiels and building. If you have any tax related questions, see www.irs.gov for additional information. If you or your business would like to contribute, please see our membership page.