The following members form the 2019-20 Board of Directors for the Albany Curling Club:



Solon Boomer-Jenks 
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Vice Presidents 

Kathy Bentley

Bret Sentiwany



Eric Gee (Treasurer)

Ed O'Neill (Secretary)



Board of Directors:

Jay Stein (Kitchen & Bar)

Greg Stapleton (Marketing & Communications)

Marj O'Donnell (Volunteer Committee)

Martha Naber (Membership)

Bill Waters (Building & Grounds)

Jeremy Olson (Technology)

Nick Schiraldi (Ice Committee)

Jenifer Whiston (Past President)


Standing Committees & Positions:

Assistant Secretary: OPEN

Assistant Treasurer: OPEN

By-Laws Committee Chair: Joe Hart

Club Directory/On-Ice Advertising: Greg Stapleton

Corporate Events: Greg Stapleton

Dues: Marilyn Goldstein

Finance Committee Chair: Gary Conn

GNCC Rep:  Jenifer Whiston

Ice Maintenance:  Mark Sgarlata

SafeSport Compliance:  Tyler Reynolds

Store: Greg Stapleton

Strategic Planning Committee: Jenifer Whiston

Sunshine Committee: Flo Springstead

Ticket Books: Spencer Kocjan

Training: Kirstie Fanning

USWCA Rep: Nancy Drischler

Youth Curling:  Tyler Reynolds


Bonspiel Chairs:

Early Bird: Lisa Clark/Joe Grimaldi

USWCA Seniors: Nancy Drischler/Wendy Berger

All-American: Ruth Horton

Governor's Bowl: Mike Petersen

Capitol Cup: Spencer Kocjan

Mixed Doubles: Doug Arthur

Dutch Shoe: Kathy Bentley/Michelle Mader

Horton Bennett: Nick Schiraldi

Gordon International: Greg Stapleton

Lads & Lassies: Stephen Randolph/Jackie Grimaldi


League Coordinators:

Monday Morning Mixed: Cynthia Galivan

Monday Evening Men’s: Ed Springstead

Tuesday Evening Women’s: Judy Carter

Wednesday Afternoon Women’s: Chris Hall

Wednesday Evening Open: Doug Arthur

Thursday Morning Mixed: Joe Hart

Thursday Evening Mixed: Rich Merritt

Friday Evening Open: Jay Stein

Saturday Instructional: Kirstie Fanning

Sunday Morning Open Doubles: Aimee Wagner/Darius Romero

Sunday Evening Mixed: Marj O'Donnell


Board-Approved Skips:


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Upcoming Events

Men's Governors Bonspiel
23 Jan 2020 : 05:00PM - 11:00PM
Men's Governors Bonspiel
24 Jan 2020 : 12:00AM
Men's Governors Bonspiel
24 Jan 2020 : 12:00AM
Men's Governors Bonspiel
26 Jan 2020 : 08:00AM - 03:00PM
Corp Event? Hold Open
28 Jan 2020 : 02:00PM - 05:00PM
Host Capital Cup Bonspiel
31 Jan 2020 : 06:00PM - 11:00PM
Host Capital Cup Bonspiel
01 Feb 2020 : 12:00AM
Corp Event? Hold Open
04 Feb 2020 : 02:00PM - 05:00PM
Instructional League
08 Feb 2020 : 09:00AM - 12:00PM
Open Doubles In-house Bonspiel
08 Feb 2020 : 12:00PM - 10:00PM